TM Tribal TANF

Torres Martinez Tribal TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, is a social services organization that provides assistance to Native American families with children. We offer a 5 year program with a foundation in educational incentives and work opportunities, supported by temporary financial assistance, leading to self sufficiency. Our doors first opened in 2001 with 1 small office in Thermal, CA and have since grown to 7 regional offices spanning L.A. and Riverside counties. Special focus is put on traditional values and cultural awareness as we serve the Native community with a determination to support, educate and guide our clients along the path to self sufficiency.

TANF Services

The TMDCI Tribal TANF Program will provide the following types of services to eligible needy families and their children:

A. Temporary Cash Assistance

The TMTTP will provide up to 60 monthly financial assistance grants to eligible, non-exempt families to meet their basic needs for items such as: shelter, utilities, clothing and other incidental needs and basic necessities. Assistance may be provided through the issuance of monthly checks, vendor payments, vouchers or electronic benefit transfers.

B. Needy Child Assistance for Non-Needy Caretakers

The TMTTP will provide assistance to needy Indian children who are in the temporary care of custodial Non-Needy Caretakers. Assistance will include monthly cash grant based on the number of needy children in the Non-Needy caretaker’s household.

C. Emergency/Crisis Assistance – Non-Recurring Short Term Benefits As Per 45CFR 286.10

TMTTP temporary cash assistance recipients in crisis will be eligible to receive Emergency/Crisis Assistance as delineated in the Program Policy Manual to assist them in resolving the temporary crisis. This type of assistance may be used for emergency shelter expenses, housing, and utilities when they lose their place of residence or receive a notice to quit, eviction or utility cut-off (Telephone service will also be included if recipient lives more than ¼ mile from nearest access). Food, clothing and incidental expenses may also be provided in emergency/crisis situations and when need is verified. Recipients receiving emergency assistance for housing or utilities will be required to participate in a household budgeting class and vendor pay the housing and/or utility expenses for a minimum of twelve months following receipt of benefits.

D. Employment and Training Related Support Services

TMTTP will reimburse all TANF temporary cash assistance recipients or non-custodial parents of needy TANF children for all allowable pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses related to their participation in a pre-approved and agreed to Personal Responsibility Plan. Allowable expenses will include but are not limited to child care, transportation and transportation related expenses, education and training costs, school/work/interview clothing, job placement expenses, professional fees and union dues; other expenses outlined in the support services guidelines established by the program and in compliance with federal rules and regulations regarding allowable expenses.