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It is necessary that all staff members realize the importance of their roles in the success of our client households. The manner in which TANF staff members conduct themselves in the delivery of assistance to stressed or traumatized persons may be just as significant as the type of provided program service itself. It is important that client matters are treated confidentially, respectfully, fairly, and timely. In the event a client, applicant, or community member cannot resolve a matter with the assistance of FDS Manager, FPS Manager, or Regional Director involving the delivery of service or behavior of a staff member the client may provide a written complaint to the Executive Office. Clients that are also TANF staff members may not use company equipment (email) or time to submit or follow up on personal complaints.

Note: a client or applicant complaint is not a substitution for an appeal to services or service changes.

114-1  COMPLAINT PROCESS                                                             

The goal of a complaint resolution is the improvement of customer service. 

·      If a client or other non-staff person wishes to lodge a written complaint the individual will be provided with a Complaint Form and asked politely to complete and return it. Staff not directly involved in the complaint or resolution may offer assistance with form if necessary. 

·      If the TMTT Complaint Form is not available, the client or applicant may submit a written document including: date, office, case worker, name, contact information, brief description of the problem, and a suggested resolution. 

·      Upon submittal of the Complaint Form the receiving staff person will date stamp the form, provide a copy to submitter, place original in an envelope marked “Complaint, Confidential” and forward it immediately to the Executive Office. Mailed forms must also be directed in a similar manner to the Executive Office, but will not provide the submitter a date stamped copy.

·      The Executive Assistant will indicate date received and forward the complaint to the Executive Director who will assign a designee/director to investigate the matter. The designee will proceed with finding a resolution at the lowest staff or managerial level possible. This will include communicating with the complainant, interviewing staff, reviewing the client’s file, identifying findings, and presenting a written summary to Executive Director within ten workdays. If a resolution is not possible at an office level the matter will be taken up by the Regional Director or Deputy Director of Programs, Deputy Director of Operations, and finally to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will issue a final outcome within 10 workdays from receipt of report. The designee will then provide the client a written response to the complaint. It should not take more than two business day for the Executive Office to receive a documented complaint from any satellite office.


Important Information

Right to Appeal

Appeals address sanctions and adverse decisions affecting client case services. If a client believes their client rights to services have been violated, they may appeal. Torres Martinez Tribal TANF is not responsible for loss, damages, or events resulting from a case action or appeal resolution.


  • When to Appeal

You must appeal within 30 calendar days from the date of this notice or from the date of an adverse action to your case. A Notice may not always be provided if it’s due to fraud, loss of custody, and/ or if you are no longer residing within the service area.


  • How to Appeal
  • Where can you get an Appeal form:

o   At any Torres Martinez Tribal TANF office

o   Executive Office

o   Client Portal online @

  • You may request for a form to be mailed or emailed to you.
  • A written letter may be accepted if it includes all required information listed within the section of this notice.
  • Submit the signed form directly to the Executive Office address listed at bottom of this notice. You may mail it or email it
  • Torres Martinez Tribal TANF is not responsible for loss or delays in delivery of appeals or other documents.


  • Appeal Process

Upon receiving your appeal, an investigation will be made to determine a resolution. Upon determination, Executive Office will notify the client by mail within 10 business days of receiving the complete Appeal form.  Failure to provide a timely resolution to a client will not default to a positive and/or approved appeal response. Clients will be notified should more time be required to reach a resolution.Clients may not further contest an unfavorable appeal response.


Clients may choose to maintain receiving benefits during the appeal process, unless the case was suspended due to fraud. If no suspension, the client may receive full benefits until a final decision is determined. If the appeal is lost, the client will have to pay back the benefits received while the appeal was pending. A client may also ask the Tribal TANF Program to suspend benefits until a decision is reached. Funds may be retroactively restored if determined appropriate in the appeal decision and eligibility and compliance is established


  • Required Information
  • Name of person appealing, Rite Track number and address.
  • Name of Case Worker
  • Date of Notice of Action or date of when the client was informed of adverse action.
  • Brief description of the decision being appealed.
  • Description of why the person believes the decision is incorrect. You may include additional written documents to support your request.
  • Attach copies of any supporting documents.
  • Signature of person appealing.
  • All appeals must be in written or typed form in blue or black ink ONLY


Executive Office

Torres Martinez Tribal TANF

P.O. Box 969

Thermal, CA. 92274