NLRSP: Pre-Collegiate Academy

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What is a Pre-Collegiate Academy?

The Native Literature Reading Skills Program has adopted a “College-Prep” system of instruction into a Pre-Collegiate Academy. The goal is to offer students an enrichment education program that provides a consistent college readiness learning environment that is challenging and fun. The NLRSP Pre-Collegiate Academy provides relevant and practical information geared towards the achievement of higher education from students who show aspirations of earning their admission into colleges and universities through hard work.

Cohorts are designed to accommodate 4-5 students per cohort, a total of three cohorts. These cohorts are divided by grade levels (3rd-5th) (6th-8th) (9th-12th), for a total of 18 students. This guarantees detailed and focused lessons based around structured routines that cover the main elements of the Core Curriculum: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The teaching also focuses on Technology, Homework Help, and Test Taking Strategies. Extra Curriculum activities include chess practice, art lessons, and a music course focusing on the guitar. The Pre-Collegiate Academy provides Parent Seminars focused on a variety of educational topics.

Admission into the NLRSP Pre-Collegiate Academy depends upon student involvement in academic work, personal dedication toward learning, and a willingness to complete enrichment activities in the NLRSP Pre-Collegiate Academy.              

Pre-Collegiate Academy Recommended Requirements for Acceptance

·         Referral by a TMTT Education Guidance Counselor
·         Parent Participation
·         Parents to secure arrangements for transportation
·         Complete TMTT Entrance Evaluation and Assessment  
·         Understand and sign Code of Conduct
·         Present progress reports from school with parental consent
·         Sign Permission to use the Internet with Parental Consent 

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