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What is a Pre-Collegiate Academy?

The Native Literature Reading Skills Program is adopting a new system of instruction as a Pre-Collegiate Academy. The goal is to offer students an enrichment education program that provides a consistent college readiness learning environment that is challenging and fun. The NLRSP Pre-Collegiate Academy will provide relevant and practical information geared towards the achievement of higher education from students who show aspirations of earning their admission into colleges and universities through hard work.

Groups will be available for four to five students per group, with a total of four groups divided by grade levels, for a total of no more than 18 students. The small workgroups will guarantee detailed and focused lessons based around structured routines that cover the main elements of the Core Curriculum: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The teaching will also focus on Technology, Homework Help, and Test Taking Strategies. Extra Curriculum activities will include a Speaker Series, monthly Parent Seminars, two Workshops, and two Field Trips.

Admission into the NLRSP Pre-Collegiate Academy will depend upon the attributes shown by the student. Students should show a great involvement in their academic work and must possess personal dedication towards their learning, which will insure that they are capable of meeting success in the NLRSP Pre-Collegiate Academy.     

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